Melanie Rice has always been enamoured with colour. It signals and transforms emotions, carries meaning and can always be relied on to surprise. When she began making jewellery, it naturally became an integral part of her practice. Landing with a bright splash in the Melbourne scene in 2009 with her range of coloured enamel and copper pieces, she found a receptive audience who shared her understanding of the power and delight in colour.

Trained in gold and silversmithing, Melanie loves working with her hands. She finds in happy accidents the layers and depths that feel like they were meant to be. In the natural occurrences that might be discarded as flaws, she sees surprise and the excitement of the unexpected. Stones and forms that contain imperfections are treated with respect as she knows these are the idiosyncrasies which make an identity. All these speak of the personal character behind the maker and the wearer.

Stocked throughout Australia and abroad, Melanie imbues each handmade piece with the joy she finds in colour and the wonder she explores in the process of making.